2015 Beer Garden

These Ohio craft breweries will be providing unique and refreshing beers.:

Actual Brewing
Weiner - Munchen
Vienna and Munich malts mingle with noble hops for a world class autumnal rumpus fresh from Columbus, Ohio.
ABV - 6.3%

Devil's Kettle
Spider Silk
Blonde ale aged in a cabernet barrel.
ABV - 7%

Marietta Brewing
Putnam's Pawpaw Ale
Pale malt and red wheat lay the foundation for this complex and refreshing ale brewed with local pawpaws and sweet oranges.
ABV - 6%


Weasel boy Brewing
Pawpaw Pale Ale
An English-style pale ale with 25 pounds of Ohio harvested pawpaw fruit per barrel for a soft, fruity aroma and banana/mango-like flavor.
ABV - 4%

Jackie O's
Pawpaw Wheat
The paw paw fruit is something we take great pride in. Flavors of mango, banana, and a touch of melon.
ABV - 9%

Buckeye Brewing
Pawpaw Pale Ale
Wheat-based ale with a fresh, delicate pawpaw aroma. Finishes fairly dry, very easy to drink.
ABV - 6%

Thirsty Dog
Pawpaw Saison
A Belgian-style Saison with the fruit characters of pawpaw, apricot and pear. Spicy with lots of hop and pepper notes.
ABV - 10%

Little Fish
A sour, hopless wheat ale. with pawpaw fruit, citrus zest, rose hips and chamomile.
ABV - 3.8%

Black box Brewing
Belgian Seison
A Belgian style oatmeal rye brewed with pawpaw pulp and tellicherry peppercorns. ABV - 6.5%

North High Brewing
Quaker's Delight
Wheat Beer infused with paw paw, cucumber and basil with hints of tropical fruits, honey, pepper and mint.
ABV - 6.5%

Listermann Brewing
Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter with Pawpaw
Robust Porter with peanut butter and pawpaw. A roasty and chocolatey porter with smooth peanut butter aroma and pleasant pawpaw sweetness.
ABV - 6.7%

Athens Do It Yourself Shop
Pawpaw Soda
This pawpaw soda is a refreshing non-alcoholic soda.

2015 Food

The following food vendors are also scheduled to attend. Be sure to ask what pawpaw specialty they're offering!